Personal Post: Caught In a Storm on Boone Lake

The Storm of July 8th 2016

My son Tyler and I, my toddler nephew Andrew, my sister Amber and my brother in law Jessee were all relaxing and having a fabulous time fishing on a pontoon boat on Boone Lake near Rockingham Marina when the storm hit.  We heard the severe thunderstorm warning come over the radio on 96.9FM WXBQ and we started heading back to the Marina, we got just feet from the marina and the storm hit like a brick wall of wind and rain, the wind had blown part of the boat canopy off and the poles were flapping in the wind, somehow Jessee and I got it the rest of the way down before the support poles hit any of us, the boat was being thrown around like a toy by the wind and there was nothing we could do. We put the baby in the floor and my son, my sister and I covered each other with our bodies while my brother in law did his best to keep the boat from flipping or hitting anything. We were out there for almost 10 minutes not knowing what was going to happen to us, as we were hunkered down over each other all I could do was pray, "Jesus please protect us and help us" over and over again. I was the most scared I have ever been in my entire life, but I had a peace in my heart and I knew we were going to get through it, About that time I saw headlights from a truck that had just pulled into the marina parking lot and it was a guy named Landon who is with the Carefree Boat Club. I don't know what his reason for coming back was but I am certain that God sent him to help us at that very moment and I am so thankful that he did. Landon and some other men somehow pulled the boat to the dock and he didn't realize we were all on the boat at first because he could only see Jessee at the wheel. When he did see us he yelled, "don't worry about the boat, get your family off", so we left all our belongings and ran as fast as we could in the wind and rain on the slippery dock. Jessee stayed out there and helped the guys get the boat tied and helped another boat get to safety. 

We are all so very thankful that God protected us and sent Landon and those other men to help us to safety. God bless you all for your kindness and willingness to help us in the middle of that furious storm! 

Below you will see images of how our evening started and video footage during the storm.

All images and videos were shot using the waterproof Olympus Tough TG-4 with a Fisheye lens.

The image below is the last picture before the storm...


Below is video footage during the storm, when the storm hit, I dropped the camera to help Jessee get the canopy down because it was flying like a sail, so some parts of the video you can only hear the panic, I didn't even realize it was still recording until we made it to safety...


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Tammy White-Bishop(non-registered)
So glad Landon showed up when he did to help Jessee. What a terrible storm! So thankful when I found out my family was safe.
Thank you Landon.
Envision Photography by April Booher - Kingsport & Johnson City TN Photographer
Maria, I am so glad you all are safe too! Thanks for your comment :)
Envision Photography by April Booher - Kingsport & Johnson City TN Photographer
We are very thankful that Landon and those other guys came to our rescue! Thanks for commenting Chloe :)
Chloe Sams(non-registered)
My dad is the owner of Rockingham Marina, we heard from Landon about what happened to y'all, didn't realize the extent of it. Thank God that you made it to safety.
Marie Cox(non-registered)
My husband ,my self, and our cousin's were camping at Douglas Tailwaters and this storm came up quickly.We watched the clouds with tails move up this way.We knew it would.Be bad where ever it hit. Thank God you all are ok.
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