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Chris and Leigh Ann's Wedding

Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to describe how sweet and beautiful Chris and Leigh Ann's wedding was, it was truly magical!  Keep scrolling down to get a glimpse into their beautiful backyard wedding and you can also read all about their love story!

Leigh Ann is an incredible artist, you should definitely check out her work!

Click Here... after you are done checking out her gorgeous wedding of course. :)


Blog Post-03Blog Post-03 She created this for her wedding, I just adore everything about it, even her little 15-year old peek a poo

"Bailey Boo" is sitting on the moon with them :)


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Tell Us a Little Bit About Your Wedding Day

"One of my favorite details is that the wedding was hosted by my best friend since Kindergarten, Jamie Robinette, and her family. Her kids played guitar and sang in the wedding and their backyard looked like magic. They worked so very hard adding a deck at the last moment and making everything so gorgeous for us. Cassie McCoy Scott was my wedding planner who actually only joined the craziness a few days before the wedding. I thought I had all these things planned, chairs rented, etc, but man did Cassie just come in an put everything in order and bring it all together with her amazing eye for how to create a gorgeous atmosphere and placement at the property of my best friend. So everything was so special starting with the location of the wedding.

I had ordered wildflowers but Cassie even put together all my flowers for me as well. She literally made sure every detail was wonderful. Her family jumped in to help as well. Her precious girls helped serve food and her husband showed up and cooked so Chris could hang out with guests. We lucked out at every turn. We also really loved our pastor Susan Arnold. She made our ceremony so special and personal." -Leigh Ann


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Tell Us About The Art Show

"I decided to do the art show as a way of giving my guests who were very close friends and family something to do while we dressed for the wedding since we were having drinks in advance. Since most of us are animal lovers, It seemed appropriate to paint the portraits of our family members that weren't at the wedding....our furry friends. Being an artist, it was a pleasure to do this for all of my friends and family.  It was fun to surprise them. The barn was such a lovely venue to show the work off!"  -Leigh Ann


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"THE PET GOLDFISH WAS MY FAVORITE!! :)" - April Booher (wedding photographer) Blog Post-23Blog Post-23 3-33-3 3-23-2 3-43-4 Blog Post-24Blog Post-24



Tell Us How You Met Your Soul Mate

"Chris and I met twelve years ago on a Parade of Homes project in Nashville, TN.  He was the foreman on the house and I was the mural artist.  Our house won many awards and my room won best murals!  Years later, we met again after Chris moved back to Nashville and I hired him to work on my house.  lol  We work very well together and compliment each other well with our balance.  We have a lot of fun together." -Leigh Ann


Blog Post-06Blog Post-06 Blog Post-28Blog Post-28 Blog Post-25Blog Post-25 Blog Post-29Blog Post-29 "Amanda Robinette and Seth Robinette were the entertainers at the wedding.  : )" - Leigh Ann


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What Was Your Favorite Wedding Detail?

"My favorite detail from the wedding was the lights in the trees for the dinner area. 

I just loved how it looked and the feel it created for our dinner."

-Leigh Ann


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Alyssa Bouma(non-registered)
you're right, this is the perfect backyard wedding! beautiful photos and moments captured! andd those dog paintings are amazing. i need one!!
Oh my gosh! I am in love with this wedding! You captured the magic, beauty and feel of their day perfectly! Those details are amazing, and those night photos are wonderful!
Sarah Holladay(non-registered)
Oh my gosh, personalized artwork as a take home gift?! This is so beautiful and over the top!! This bride is an amazing artist! I love the way you captured their joy and the fun... all of her details are just perfect! Congratulations Chris and Leigh Ann!
You are right! This is such a magical wedding, and your photography really captured their day so beautifully! I love that they were able to incorporate their pup in such a sweet way. The drop down lights are so pretty in those last shots too!
fran Jorgensen(non-registered)
I am in love with this story! The relaxed vibes and the art show are just epic! What a great intimate wedding with so many meaningful people . I love how everyone is connected somehow and that long table is the perfect way to celebrate love!
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