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Should you have a wedding day first look? 

As your wedding day approaches, you’re probably wondering whether you want first look wedding photos or you want to wait until you walk down the aisle to see the love of your life.  If your immediate reaction to the idea of doing a first look is absolutely not, you’re not alone. Clients often tell me “no” right away. However, after learning more about what a first look is and where the tradition of seeing each other for the first time at the altar really comes from, many have changed their minds.


With my many years of experience photographing countless weddings, I do recommend first look bride and groom sessions.  

However, it is your wedding day and it should be everything that YOU have been dreaming of!  Don't forget that when you are in the planning process! :)  I will support your choice and create beautiful images for you whether you decide to have a first look session or wait until you are walking down your wedding ceremony aisle.


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Here are 6 reasons why I think you should consider saying YES 

to a pre-ceremony first look sneak peek with your future spouse.


1) Your hair, makeup, and flowers will look their best!

Doing a first look prior to the ceremony ensures that your hair, makeup, and flowers will be as fresh as possible in your wedding portraits.



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2) Doing a first look can help calm your wedding day jitters!

Brides have told me that seeing their fiancé prior to the ceremony helped them feel so much better before their walk down the aisle. Taking portraits after your ceremony can be distracting since you’ll be focused on getting to your reception and celebrating with guests.  Doing a first look earlier in the day will help you to remain fully present and allow you to truly enjoy the wedding day that you have been planning for so long.



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3) You'll get to your cocktail hour earlier!

Your wedding day shouldn’t be all about taking photos. You want to be able to spend time with guests, too!

If you don’t do a first look, you’ll need to set aside at least an hour and 15 minutes after the ceremony to take family photos, group bridal party pictures, and bride and groom portraits.  Couples who choose not to do a first look often start to feel stressed out, as post-ceremony pictures can take quite a bit of time away from being with guests and enjoying your wedding day.

If you DO choose to do a first look, you'll only need to set aside about 30 minutes after your ceremony for group wedding party pictures and family photos.  Then you’ll be able to attend part of your cocktail hour and enjoy more time with guests!



Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-11Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-11



4) Doing a first look does not break tradition.

Traditionally the real reason brides and grooms were kept from seeing each other until the ceremony is because the bride’s family did not want to risk a groom breaking off the wedding if he didn’t like the way she looked!   The true roots of this custom aren’t quite as romantic as we thought. 




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5) First looks allow time to really enjoy each other while also allowing your wedding photographer to capture the truly spectacular and emotional bride and groom portraits you've dreamed of. 

A first look is private and intimate, giving you the opportunity to experience the moment together without the pressure of everybody at your ceremony watching you.



Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-18Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-18 Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-19Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-19 Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-20Johnson City TN Wedding Photographer-20



6) You’ll provide an overall better experience for you and your wedding guests.

Last but not least, adding a first look to your wedding day timeline will also allow you, your family, and wedding party to enjoy more time together.  They’ve been by your side every step of the way, and providing them with an amazing guest experience is the perfect way to show your gratitude.

From experience, I truly believe that doing a first look will give you the best possible wedding day experience.


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Over the years I've fallen in love with wedding photography.  You may have noticed, that my style is a little different than what you typically see when searching for a wedding photographer.  I love capturing true connection on a couple's wedding day while also documenting all the big and small moments and important details!  My editing style is timeless, my images are clear, vibrant, and full of life.


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